Fake News Jeans: Travesty or Sign of the Times?


Topshop’s new Fake News jeans.

Since last Sunday’s Golden Globes, the question of what to wear to the various awards shows has become even more fraught than usual. It’s not just about a pretty dress any more, but about solidarity, statement making and so on.

Luckily, however, a solution to at least one such conundrum is at hand. Though there is as yet no official ceremony or red carpet attached to President Trump’s Fake News awards, scheduled to take place next Wednesday (after being postponed from Monday), anyone who suspects that he or she may be in the cross hairs, has a perfect potential outfit. Or at least part of one.

Topshop, the British retailer, has created a pair of jeans in semi-stretch denim, with a red stripe down the side blaring, “Fake News” over and over again in white block letters. They look rather like a nod to artwork by Barbara Kruger. Just imagine them with a tuxedo jacket and heels instead of the sweatshirts they are paired with on Topshop’s website, and bingo!

“The term ‘Fake News’ became so ubiquitous last year that it was officially named the word of the year, so we thought we’d immortalize this of-the-moment phrase on a pair of our jeans,” said Mo Riach, Topshop’s head of design, by way of explanation.

Source: The New York Times