Kardashian Bestie Simon Huck Is Selling You Beer and Shampoo


“I’m up before the birds,” said Simon Huck, sitting in his living room lined with velvet walls that change color depending on the light. It was 8 a.m., and Mr. Huck had already eaten lunch.

Mr. Huck, 34, owns Command Entertainment Group, a company that connects brands (over 100 annually, he said, including the consumer-goods giant Unilever) to celebrities and “influencers.” His business has gotten a significant boost from his close friendship with Kim Kardashian West, who has 106 million Instagram followers, though she is not a client.

“He’s always been there at times when I’ve needed him,” Mrs. Kardashian West said in a phone interview. “He’s the definition of loyal. I feel like you need to surround yourself with people who make you laugh and keep your spirit alive as you grow and evolve.”

Also, “he’s someone that will drop anything and everything to really talk you through something,” Mrs. Kardashian West said.

As it happened, Mr. Huck had just picked something up: a leather briefcase. Wearing Saint Laurent jeans and a black T-shirt, he was walking the five minutes from his apartment in the West Village of Manhattan to the Soho House, where most mornings he does a few hours of emails or meetings before heading to his office a few blocks away.

Source: The New York Times