Open Thread: This Week in Style News


Elodie Chapuis

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Greetings from Paris, where the couture shows have been going on for the last week and it has been raining, on and off, the entire time.

Wait, you ask — couture, that most ancient and expensive part of fashion, where clothes are made by hand to order — is still happening? Isn’t that awfully retrograde? Why should anyone who isn’t one of the few hundred couture clients around the world care?

Partly because it is a way of preserving a traditional form of know-how, employing a host of skilled artisans whose techniques with a needle and thread are truly eye-popping and are currently being passed down to a new generation of “petites mains.”

And partly because it is, as Maria Grazia Chiuri, the artistic director of Dior, told me before her show, a “lab” for a designer to experiment with ideas and techniques that then may trickle down to the ready-to-wear, which then explode out to the mass market.

Source: The New York Times