Outing Death


The WeCroak logo.

I was hauling my wheelie toward the boarding gate for a New York-bound flight when an alert popped up on my iPhone. Its message was terse: “Don’t forget, you’re going to die.”

I was rattled, weirdly clammy, but finally resigned.

I had, after all, signed on for this sobering reminder, parting with 99 cents for WeCroak, a jaunty little app devised to notify users like me, five times a day at seemingly random intervals, that try as we may to ignore it, there will be no dodging The End.

That message is chilling, for sure. But for me, at the outset at least, it was bracing, an invitation more compelling than any raft of resolutions to seize the moment and run with it.

For Hansa Bergwall, that’s the point. Mr. Bergwall, a 35-year-old publicist in Brooklyn, founded WeCroak last year with Ian Thomas, 27, a freelance app developer.

Source: The New York Times