“The main hope of a nation lies in the education of its youth”


EDUCATION is the backbone of every society. It opens minds and opportunities for our youth to build their lives and stand up to the challenges of our modern world. It is one of the main responsibilities of any government to equip its youth with the knowledge and skills to make a living and contribute to the development of the communities they live in. The Myanmar government has recognised the importance of a modern education system for a peaceful and prosperous future of this country.

Education is also one of the absolute priorities of the European Union in supporting development and progress in Myanmar. Together with decision makers, policy and education experts we have helped in the formulation of the National Education Strategic Plan and mobilised €241 million (more than K374 billion) in support of the education sector. By investing in education, and helping to get more kids into school, we aim at making sure that our assistance to Myanmar’s development has a long-term impact and doesn’t only remain a drop in the ocean.

Humanity is built on the ability to learn from each other and I hope Myanmar students will increasingly use the many opportunities on offer to benefit from education programmes abroad. The European Union invites students from across the world to study at top European universities and supports them through Erasmus scholarship programmes. We invest in the future of our youth because, as Erasmus of Rotterdam, a Dutch scholar who lent his name to the EU’s education programme, said: “The main hope of a nation lies in the education of its youth.”


Roland Kobia, Ambassador of 
the European Union to Myanmar

Source: Myanmar Times